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Ceramic Road Stud

Ceramic Road Stud
  • Item NO.:RT-CR001
  • min order:1000pcs
  • Original Region :CHINA
  • Lead Time :5 days
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  • Ceramic Road Stud 

    After firing more than 1,300 degree heat , with excellent wear resistance, never fade , not easy to leave traces of tires ran over the top convex curved , 360 -degree reflective , strong self -cleaning ability , its bright and dazzling white or yellow , even during the day , especially on rainy days , but also has a strong visual induction , its striking degree much higher than ordinary marking

    ceramic road studs


  • Ceramic Road Stud 

    Reflective Ceramic Road Studs 

    Reflective type ceramic round signpost its excellent reflective properties at night can greatly enhance the visual induced ceramic spike play right lane and driving direction of the driver -induced effect . This kind of spike compared to conventional spike has outstanding advantages , solves the conventional spike dirty easily , easy to fall off the issue , while also having a reflective function , the driver also has the pressure line oscillation function .

    Reflective Ceramic Road Stud for marking role


  • Ceramic Road Stud 

    Application:  Ceramic spike low cost , good adhesion, easy installation, and other characteristics , mainly with the marking or alternative use can be used for the tunnel edge, crossing lane lines , median strip , forcing the left , right turn lane lane lines , traffic islands , entrance ramp , no passing lane line road , mountain road bends and road edges and the like.

    Reflective Aluminum Road Safety Stud





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