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Glass Road Studs

Glass Road Studs
  • Item NO.:RT-S25
  • min order:50pcs
  • Original Region :CHINA
  • Lead Time :5 days
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  • Glass Road Studs

    1>Strong pressure resistance, shock resistance, high temperature resistance.
    2>High reflective effect,360 degree reflection, warning vehicles in the night obviously.
    3>Various colors make the city beautiful.
    4>Low maintenance

    red and green indicator light


  • Glass Road Studs

    1> Material: Transparent glass
    2> Size:25+25mm
    3> Weight :560g
    4> Reflective material: Silvering
    5> Reflective Angle: 360 degreen
    6> Compressive Strength :25T
    360 degrees fully tempered glass inset road stud


  • Glass Road Studs

    Application: Urban roads,pedestrian cross ways,traffic island,barriers, parking lots,tunnel walls, bike lanes etc ,yellow glass road studs setting on central yellow dual line, central demarcation line, side line,restricted line etc

    Installation Diagram

    1> Bore a hole with 24mm depth and 100mm dia, and removeresidual asphalt concrete.
    2>Inject some of epoxy resin or asphalt mastic when the hole dry enough
    3> Put the glass road stud inside the hole and spin,until the epoxy resin or asphalt mastic overbrim

    360 Degree Small Glass Road Stud Reflective Road Stud





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