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Road Stud

Solar Road Studs

Solar Road Studs
  • Item NO.:RT-SR002
  • min order:100pcs
  • Original Region :CHINA
  • Lead Time :7 days
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  • Solar Road Studs

    1>Built bright reflective film , reflective effect to make it more excellent

    2>Smooth aluminum frame no water chestnut . It will not damage the pressure off of car tires, increase tire life.

    3>Embedded within the framework of the sheeting , not directly come into contact with the tire . After the tire is not easy to produce sheeting felt the inside is coated with a film of glue effective barrier sheeting corrosion , extend the life of the sheeting

    4>To waterproof IP68 level , it can work even in the rain , and enhance life

    Solar Aluminum Road Safety Studs


  • Solar Road Studs

    LED Solar Road Studs

    Solar Aluminum Road Safety Stud

  • Solar Road Studs

    Application: Safe crossing warning,highway,intersection junction slow corners , etc

    Solar Aluminum Raised Road Studs





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