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Vehicle Conspicuity Marking Tapes

The Chinese has for many years suffered from serious air pollution. In the recent, Many regions in northern China, including Beijing, have experienced heavy smog. Heavy smog will let the driver when driving at night view is affected, easy to cause accident. So the car can be stick reflective tapes to prevent accidents. Reflective type of car stickers: 1.Vehicle Warning Reflective Marking Tape Vehi...

Reflective fabric in the fashion

Reflective material more and more popular in the market many fashion clothing is made white Reflective Fabric. Eye-catching reflective clothing is creating a buzz in the fashion world. In the night glow making sure you'll safely get to where you're going. In the recent San Francisco-based startup, Ravelin, has created a new way to bring safety to a work shirt. This is Shirt is targeted at urban dw...

Reflective Material Lets You Glow At Night

With the winter coming, the daytime is coming shorter, the faster it gets dark. But many people still keep running exercise in this case, a pair of shoes with reflective tape also can keep you be seen in the dark better. As we all know, the accidents was easily happened in the dark environment because people can’t be seen clearly by drivers from a distance. More and more people will choose some re...

Reflective Traffic Cone Sleeve

Reflective Traffic Cone Sleeve are cut from the Microprismaic reflective sheeting PVC type that we mentioned(flexible prismatic PVC ). Traffic Cones undergo even more punishment than barrels in work zones which is why a reboundable tape needs to be used. Traffic cone collars are cut with a curve in them so that when you wrap them around a cone they come out straight. To apply the collars you simpl...


Which color was the best reflective for visibility, which can be reduce the accidents on the highway, Accidents involving vehicles are one of the leading causes of death due to injury around the world.these accidents are the unfortunate result of one driver not seeing another automobile, pedestrian, bike rider or motorcyclist in time to stop or avoid hitting them. Simply put, increasing visibility...

Metallized VS Non Metallized Micro Prismatic Reflective sheeting

Metallized Prismatic Reflective Sheeting RT4400 Metallized Reflective sheeting which is type of film which is created by first creating an array of micro prisms then coating the top of these prisms with clear or colored polymer and metallizing the back of the prisms with a mirror type finish. It will be completely protects the prisms so that the Metallic Prismatic Reflective Sheet can be cut in an...

Reflective vest add a measure of night safety to your favorite walking gear

RT-H400 Silver Visibility Reflective Heat Transfer which add a measure of night safety to your favorite walking gear. You can be put them on your favorite cold weather walking hat. So you don’t need to wear a reflective vest.Use Reflective Heat Transfer Vinyl on your favorite jacket on the back, sleeves and front and you will have improved your night safety. Graphic designs are available from www....

Reflective road Signs

What is a yield sign? REFLECTOP suppply High Intensity Prismatic reflective sheeting for yield signs. Yield signs are use RT4940 series red reflective vinyl and white reflective vinyl with red letters. These signs alert the driver to any upcoming hazards or road conditions that can not reflect an Immediatee condition. REFLECTOP yield sign alert the driver to do the following: please Slow...

Which reflective sheeting is the brightest

“Which reflective sheeting is the brightest on the REFLECTOP?”  The answer to this question would be a white or silver colored MicroPrismatic reflective film. Brightness is only one factor to consider when choosing a reflective sheeting. There are other very important factors to consider as well. These are flexibility, color,price,outdoor warranty, adhesive, contrast. It is because of th...

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