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Traffic Safety Reflective

Reflective Glass Beads Sheeting

Commercial grade reflective film for printing

Commercial grade reflective film for printing
  • Item NO.:RT3200
  • min order:10 rolls
  • Original Region :CHINA
  • Lead Time :7days
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  • Commercial grade reflective film for printing

    RT3200 Commercial grade Reflective film designed for production of temporary road signs and traffic control signs that are exposed vertically in service.  When applied to properly prepared sign substrates,Series RT3200 sheeting provides high reflectivity and durability. Series RT3200 is available in the following colors: White,green,yellow,red,blue,orange,black etc

    1.High light
    2.Premium quality glass bead retroreflective performance
    3.Field proven durability on safety devices worldwide
    4.Uniform daytime and night-time visual appearance

    5.Tearable,silk screen printing

    Available in the following colors: White,green,yellow,red,blue,orange etc

    bright reflective vinyl for traffic sign


      • 1.Clean
      • 2.Smooth
      • 3.Flat
      • 4.Rigid
      • 5.Dimensionally stable
      • 6.Weather resistant
      • 7.Non-porous
      Reflective Film For road Sign



  • Commercial grade reflective film for printing

    Product Name:Acrylic type commercial grade reflective film for printing

    Item No.: RT3200
    Material: PMMA
    Color: White yellow red blue green orange black etc

    Film Thickness:10um

    Release liner Thickness :15um

    Total Thickness : 250um
    Adhesive : PSA
    Standard Size: 1.24m x 45.7m
    Reflective Technology:glass bead reflective structure
    Processing: Silk screen printing
    Ink: silk screen ink
    Feature: Waterproof Weather resistant
    Warranty : 3Years
    Application: Outdoor signs temporary construction sign road Signs traffic signs traffic facility traffic cone delineator etc

    Packing Details:

     Size          N.W        G.W        MEASUREMENT  QUANTITY FOR 20FEET CONTAINER
     1.24m*45.7m 17kgs/roll 18kgs/carton  1.33m*0.18m*0.18m  500 cartons

     light reflective vinyl

    Reflectivity :

      White      Yellow     Red       Blue    Green    orange
     Angle of Incidence 0.2° Angle of Reflection -4° 10 6  2  1 2 2
    Self Adhesive Reflective film

  •  Commercial grade reflective film for printing

    Application:  Outdoor signs,temporary construction Signs,traffic sign,traffic facility,traffic cone,delineator etc

    road signstraffic signs



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