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Traffic Safety Reflective

Micro Prismatic Reflective Sheeting

PET High Intensity Prismatic reflective sheets

Prismatic reflective sheeting for Roadway safety sign

Prismatic reflective sheeting for Roadway safety sign
  • Item NO.:RT3930
  • min order:10 rolls
  • Original Region :CHINA
  • Lead Time :7days
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  • Prismatic reflective sheeting for Roadway safety sign

    Highly reflective, durable, microprismatic lens sheeting with pressure sensitive adhesive, available white,red,yellow,green,blue,orange,etc, Signs are highly visible, even in visually complex night-time roadway environments


      • 1.Clean
      • 2.Smooth
      • 3.Flat
      • 4.Rigid
      • 5.Dimensionally stable
      • 6.Weather resistant
      • 7.Non-porous

    safety road sign reflective sheet

    prismatic reflective sheet for sign various reflective sheet for warning sign


  • Prismatic reflective sheeting for Roadway safety sign

    Prismatic reflective vinyl

    Packing Details:

     Size          N.W        G.W        MEASUREMENT  QUANTITY FOR 20FEET CONTAINER
     1.24m*50m  36kgs/roll  37kgs/carton  1.33m*0.20m*0.20m  400 cartons

     2016 reflective sheet for traffic signage

    Reflectivity :

      White      Yellow     Red       Blue    Green    Fluorescent 
     Angle of Incidence 0.2° Angle of Reflection -4°  200  100  50  10  40  

    high intensity prismatic reflective sheet for traffic road signsreflective sheet for hazard road safety hazard reflective sheet for traffic

  • Prismatic reflective sheeting for Roadway safety sign

    Application: Temporary Road Signs,Construction Temporary Signs,Outdoor advertisment Vinyl Signs ,temporary traffic facility, traffic cone ,delineator etc

    reflective warning traffic road sign warning tape for traffic vehiclework zone sign reflective sheet



  • HIP reflective film for traffic sign High Intensity Prismatic Reflective Vinyl for Traffic Sign

    RT3930 High Intensity Prismatic Reflective Vinyl for Traffic Sign Size:1.22m x 45.7m Application: Temporary Outdoor advertisement Vinyl Signs,Construction  Signs,road signs,temporary traffic facility,traffic cone,delineator etc

  • Silver Visibility Reflective Fabric For Jacket TC Backing Silver Visibility Reflective Fabric

    RT-T400  TC Backing (65% Polyester,35%Cotton)Silver Visibility Reflective Fabric Size: 1m*50m/1.35m*50m/1m*100m/1.35m*100m Application: Safety vest,reflective garments,sport clothing,caps ,shoes,gloves,personal protective equipment etc.

  •  Aluminum Solar Road studs Solar Road Studs

    RT-SR003 are made of Aluminum with specially acrylic mixed material and LED, hardness iv very high

  • Glow In The Dark Self-adhesive Film 10-12hrs Glow In The Dark Self-adhesive Film

    RT-LC10   10-12hrs Glow In The Dark Self-adhesive Film Size:1.24M X 45.7M Application:  Emergency Evacuation safety emergency marks and signs ;road signs ;sticker toy ;silk-printing logo ;, Caution Warning, emergency escaping routes system, and for marking exits, stairways, corridors, hallways, directions, firefighting and emergency life-saving equipment, controls and hazards.

  • reflective sheeting for road sign Prismatic reflective sheeting for temporary road sign

    RT7400 Prismatic reflective sheet for road sign Size:1.24m *50m Application: Temporary Construction sign,road signs,temporary traffic facility, traffic cone,delineator etc  

  • LED warning flare flashlight Led Road Flares With Flashlight

    RT-L8994 Led Road Flares With Flashlight Application:  Agriculture, Harvesting Season,Tractor, Combine. Truck - Trailer - Snowplow - Car - GolfCart - Boat - Marina - Bike

  • Aluminum Reflective Road studs Aluminum Road Stud for diversion marking

    RT-AR003 Made from cast aluminium shell materials, usually in used to mark the center line , lane line, edge lines , curves

  • Plastic Road studs Plastic Reflective Road Stud

    RT-PR002 are made of waterproof special ABS with specially PMMA reflective material

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