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Reflective Yarn For Knitting

Reflective Yarn For Knitting
  • Item NO.:RT-A32
  • min order:10000m
  • Original Region :CHINA
  • Lead Time :7days
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  • Reflective Yarn for Knitting

    Reflective fabric yarn is used for soft material,with elegant appearance and safety warning,fashion.There are several kinds such as TC fabric yarn,yellow reflective polyester fabric yarn and blue reflective polyester fabric yarn.

    1. Material: PET film or TC fabric ,100% polyester

    2. Used: Knitted in sport clothes, bags, shoes, gloves, etc.; can be made into many decorations.
    3. Reflective face: single or double side;
    4. Initial Average: from 15cd/lux/m2 --350cd/lux/m2
    5. Color: Grey,red,yellow,blue etc
    6. Width: 0.25mm,0.5mm, 1.0mm, 1.5mm,2.0mm, 3.0mm etc.

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  • Reflective Yarn for Knitting

    Product Name:Reflective Yarn for Knitting

    Item No.: RT-A32
    Material: PET film or TC fabric ,100% polyester

    1) Two types: single side or double sides' reflective

    2) Each type can be made by ordinary grade or high intensity grade or silver grade  

    Polyester reflective sewing thread ,Light reflecting thread is mainly used to knit ribbons.

    It can be used to knit with fabric.

    This is its decoration function. It also has warning and recognition use.more fashion,more safety

    It can make the wearer more visiable in the dark or in the environment of bad vision.Strong Light shines on thread,then can reflective white light.

    1> reflective embroidery thread is polyester membrane-reflective material

    Material : Made of PET reflective film

    2>Color: grey,reflecting white color light, double side reflective.

    High Visibility Reflective Yarn Pet Reflective Film Yarn Single/double Sided

    Reflective Fabric Yarn



  • Reflective Yarn for Knitting

    can be sewn on clothing, backpacks, hats, cloth, reflective effect is good, strong warning, waterproof is not easy to aging, can have very strong safety warning role, the light in the night and the line of sight to people with poor environment provides the most effective and reliable security.
    1>weaving with polyester fabric,various ribbon

    2>outdoor safety strings

    3>outdoor safety ropes

    4>outdoor safety fabrics

    5>moto cycle fabrics

    6> scooter garment

    7> police uniform / cap

    8>military safety uniform

    Reflective Film Yarn

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