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Reflective Fabric

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Elastic Reflective fabric

Elastic Reflective fabric
  • Item NO.:RT-S350
  • min order:500square meters
  • Original Region :CHINA
  • Lead Time :7days
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  • Elastic reflective fabric

    Lycra Reflective Fabric  are designed for use on sport wear,safety garments and in athletic and casual wear. Silver elastic Reflective Fabric are also available to enhance daytime and low-light visibility. Silver Stretch Reflective Tape are composed of wide angle, exposed retro reflective lenses bonded to a a variety of durable cloth fabric backings. it was sew easily onto other fabrics and can be embroidered or screen printed for patches and emblems.

    Elastic reflective fabrics are available in home wash and industrial wash constructionsElastic reflective fabric

  • Elastic reflective fabric

    Product Name:Elastic reflective fabric 

    Item No.: RT-S350
    Material: Glass bead with  elastic reflective fabric
    Color: Silver

    Standard Size: 1m*50m/1.35m*50m/1m*100m/1.35m*100m

    Can be cutinto  any size base on client requirement ,like 1cm 3cm 5cm etc

    Reflective Technology: Glass bead type reflective structure
    Washable: 50 cycles at 60 °C dry clean 30 cycles 
    Certificate: EN471 ANSI/ISEA 107-2010
    Application: Safety vest reflective garments sport clothing caps shoes gloves personal protective equipment etc.

    Packing Details:

     Size          N.W        G.W        MEASUREMENT  QUANTITY FER CARTON
    1m*50m  21kgs/roll  22kgs/carton  110cm*18cm*20cm  1ROLL

     stretch reflectvie tape

    Reflectivity :

    Silver  Yellow     Red       Green     Fluorescent yellow
     Angle of Incidence  0.2°   Angle of Reflection -4° 400  


     Silver One-side Elastic Reflective Fabric

  • Elastic reflective fabric

    Application:Safety vest,reflective garments,sport clothing,caps ,shoes,gloves,personal protective equipment etc.

    Elastic reflective fabric for gloveelastic reflective fabric for wear



  • Glow In The Dark Self-adhesive Film 10-12hrs Glow In The Dark Self-adhesive Film

    RT-L94    10-12hrs Glow In The Dark Self-adhesive Film Size:1.24M X 45.7M Application:  Emergency Evacuation safety emergency marks and signs ;road signs ;sticker toy ;silk-printing logo ;, Caution Warning, emergency escaping routes system, and for marking exits, stairways, corridors, hallways, directions, firefighting and emergency life-saving equipment, controls and hazards.

  • PVC reflective tape Reflective Sticker Tape For Vehicle

    RT-T008  Reflective Sticker Tape For Truck  Size: 5cm*25m/5cm*50m Application: Suitable for the Road transport facilities, vehicles, ships, fairways, stage,a variety of channels and related mechanical equipment.

  • Aluminum Road studs Aluminum Road Stud for underground parking

    RT-AR002 Made from cast aluminium shell materials, usually in underground garage parking, or road place device

  • MicroPrismatic reflective vinyl for inkjet printing Reflective Vinyl Graphic Films

    RT7300A Reflective Vinyl Graphic Films  Size:1.24m*50m Application: Temporary Road Signs,Construction Temporary Signs,Outdoor advertisement Vinyl Signs,temporary traffic facility,traffic cone,delineator etc

  • Metallized reflective film for warning post Metallized prismatic reflective film

    RT4500 Metallized prismatic reflective film  Size:1.24m*50m  Application on delineators ,warning spring post ,traffic cone sleeve etc

  • Sparkle film for decoration Reflective Sparkle Film For Decoration

    RT-S901 Reflective Sparkle Film For Decoration Size: 0.46m*100m/ 0.92m*100m   Application:  1.)Decorative Film just like mobile phone, computer 2.)Gift packing vinyl, bag, New Year paintings, calendars,  festive supplies, Christmas gifts, decorations, garland, clothing tag, advertisement decoration, luggage, handicrafts, lighting, window, shower curtain, wallpaper, signage, the packaging. 3.)material of high-end brand products for architectural decoration and various sectors etc..  

  • DOT-C2 vehicle reflective tape Vehicle Warning Reflective Marking Tape DOT-C2

    RT-V606 Vehicle Warning Reflective Marking Tape DOT-C2 Size: 5cm *45.7m  (6" red+6" white with DOT-C2 MARK) Application: Vehicles,trucks,trailers,school bus and other large vehicles

  • LED  Solar Road studs Solar Road Studs

    RT-SR002 are made of Aluminum with specially acrylic mixed material, hardness iv very high


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