• ReflecTop Chinese New Year Holiday
    Jan 17, 2023 ReflecTop Chinese New Year Holiday
    ReflecTop Chinese New Year Holiday Thank youl for all clients always support to ReflecTop on 2022! Comings soon was the Chinese New Year! ReflecTop factory will be always keep our best service to all client in 2023! Holiday will be from 16th Jan To 31st Jan , 2023 Any urgent Email to us info@reflectop.com  or wechat/whatsApp: 0086-18950022801 HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR TO ALL !
    Nov 07, 2022 WINTER BEGIN
    ReflecTop On Way .Security Your Way! Winter is coming , Promotion start ! Buy 12 cartons, get one carton Free! Original Edge Seald Reflective Tape Standard width : 5.08cm x 45.7m Customize logo was available!
  • China National Holiday
    Oct 01, 2022 China National Holiday
    Notice of holidays According to the "Notice on the Arrangement of Partial Holidays in 2022" issued by the General Office of the State Council, Guoban Invention Bulletin [2021] No. 11, the holiday arrangements for the National Day in 2022 are as follows: From October 1st to 5th, there will be a total of 5 days off.  ReflecTop  sales team will be back to work on 6th Oct , 2022 Thank you all old and new clients always support for Reflective Tape ,reflective sticker, reflective sheeting ,reflective yarn ! We will  be always keep our best support !
  • Micro Prismatic reflective sheeting VS Micro Glass bead Reflective sheeting
    Jun 23, 2022 Micro Prismatic reflective sheeting VS Micro Glass bead Reflective sheeting
    The Difference Between RTLITE Engineer Grade Reflective Sheeting  And RTLITE High Intensity Prismatic Reflective sheeting ! All of our rural road signs come in one of  Engineer grade, Hi-Intensity prismatic grade reflective sheeting. But what exactly are the differences between these ? RTLITE Engineer Grade Reflective Sheeting typically meets ASTM D4956 Type 1 standards and is an enclosed film or lens using glass beads optical technology. RTLITE RT4940 HIP Reflective sheeting is highly visibility reflective, and it’s durable topcoat protects signs and other traffic control devices against scratches and abrasion. Not only is it highly reflective at night, it also commands attention during the day as well. HIP Reflective Sheeting is used for more permanent traffic signs, work zone devices, etc., and comes in white, yellow, red, orange, blue, green, and brown. HIP reflective sheeting will last longer than its EG reflective film counterpart,This material is considered to be mid to long-range durability, and typically will last about 10 years.
  • Traffic Signs Durability
    May 20, 2020 Traffic Signs Durability
    As the Traffic Signs Manual points out,the performance of reflective sheeting may degrade overtime,and it is therefore important to review the performance and quality.To remain compliant,traffic signs must continue to perform at the stipulated level. Over time,signs gradually become faded and their retroreflective properties diminish.This will reduce both conspicuity and legibility by day and by night.Signs also become less effective when they are are dirty,damaged or displaced as a result of vehicle impact or vandalism.Damaged or dirty signs also discredit the traffic authority and lessen road users' respect for the signs.Aperiodic inspection of signs should be made to ensure their early repair and/or replacement when necessary.After-dark inspections should be made of lit and reflectorised signs,or a retroreflectometer may be used to measure the latter.
  • RTLITE Solas Marine Reflective Tape
    May 14, 2022 RTLITE Solas Marine Reflective Tape
    RTLITE Solas Marine Reflective Tape RTLITE  Marine Retro Reflective Tape is used for the reflection of SOLAS life saving appliances such as life jackets, life rafts or life boats. RT-S308 SOLAS Retro Reflective Tape is an encapsulated lens sheet provided with a flexible and fully transparent plastic foil. The tape is specially designed for the marine / offshore industry, has a long life span, high clarity and antielamination. All our reflective tapes consist of an encapsulated optical design with a high reflective value that is clearly visible from every angle, both in dry and wet conditions.
  • What is reflective sheeting for traffic signs
    May 14, 2022 What is reflective sheeting for traffic signs
    What is reflective sheeting for traffic signs Traffic signs are normally made from aluminum,which is then covered with retroreflective sheeting.This sheeting makes the signs especially visible (or conspicuous)during dark hours.By being reflective and effectively reflecting car headlamp lights,traffic signs do not always need to be lit,reducing infrastructure and cost requirement,as well as making them portable if required. Reflective sheeting,verses regular non-reflective sheeting,increases the visibility of signs at all times,saving more lives. The benefit of compliant,high-performing reflective sheeting for traffic signs cannot be overrated.
    HAPPY LOBOR DAY HOLIDAY All our valuabe customer , Labor is the honour ,ReflecTop will be holiday from 30th April--2nd May , Have a rest ! Will be back to work on 3rd May , Thank you for your always Support ! ReflecTop On Way , Security Your Way!
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