• How do I apply reflective tape?
    Apr 07, 2021 How do I apply reflective tape?
    Four steps to apply your reflective tape To ensure the durability, strong adhesion and effectiveness of your reflective tape, it’s important to correctly apply the reflective tape to your vehicle, equipment, or property. Proper application also helps to ensure that your warranty is valid. Step 1 — Check the Weather For optimum adhesion and durability, RTLITE reflective tapes should be applied when the temperature is between 50°-100°F (10°-38°C). If the temperature is above 100°F, take care to avoid pre-adhesion. If the temperature is below 50°F, heat the application surface using portable heaters or heat lamps, and store the markings in a hotbox to keep them above 50°F. Step 2 — Get the Right Tools Here are the tools you’ll need to apply your reflective tape: Scissors or utility knife with a sharp blade for cutting. Squeegee or roller to apply pressure across the surface of the reflective tape. The RTLITE PA-1 Squeegee is recommended. Rivet tool, such as an Osborne Arc Punch #149, if you’re going over rivets. You can also cut around rivets. Step 3 — Prepare the Surface For proper adhesion, clean any surface where you’re applying reflective tape: Wash surfaces with detergent and water to remove dirt and road film. Flush washed area with plain, clean water to remove detergent. Soap film can inhibit adhesion. Wipe using a lint-free paper towel saturated with non-oily, quick-drying solvent, such as isopropyl alcohol, acetone, or RTLITE  Prep Solvent 70. Immediately dry surfaces with clean, dry, lint-free paper towel before solvent evaporates completely, paying close attention to rivets, seams, and door hinge areas. Step 4 — Apply the Reflective Tape To apply the reflective tape: Remove the liner and position the reflective tape on the application surface. Tack down lightly to hold the reflective tape in position. Use your hand to press the reflective tape onto the application surface. Using your RTLITE PA-1 Squeegee (or other applicator) press the reflective tape down using firm, overlapping strokes. If there are hinges, latches or other hardware, cut the tape about ⅛ inches back to avoid buckling. To apply over rivets, apply the reflective tape over the rivet using firm pressure. Leave a bridge over the rivet head. Use a rivet punch to cut the tape around the rivet. Remove the tape over the rivet head. Squeegee around the rivet.
  • Heavy Vehicle Rear Reflective Marking Plate
    Mar 24, 2021 Heavy Vehicle Rear Reflective Marking Plate
    Heavy Vehicle Rear Reflective Marking Plate Marker Boards European ECE 70, 565mm x 195mm,565mm*130mm Plate should have a red banding (40 millimeters) surrounding a yellow background. These markers may be fitted horizontally or vertically. Our Product is available in either Aluminium or Self Adhesive. All Markings conform fully with European ECE regulation 70 . High intensity reflective marker boards manufactured from heavy gauge aluminum using the latest methods of manufacture. Markings and diagrams must be fitted so that the centre of the markings is on the centre line of the vehicle. FEATURES: 1)size:565mm*130mm 565mm*195mm 2)Feature:Waterproof,Weather resistant 3)Pattern:Red Chevron,Yellow Honeycomb Reflective Strip 4)Color:Yellow+Red 5)Application:Vehicle conspicuity, trucks,trailers
  • Glow in the Dark Reflective Film for Safety Sign
    Mar 24, 2021 Glow in the Dark Reflective Film for Safety Sign
    Glow in the Dark Reflective Film for Safety Sign Emergency Evacuation safety emergency marks and signs ;road signs ;sticker toy ;silk-printing logo ;, Caution Warning, emergency escaping routes system, and for marking exits, stairways, corridors, hallways, directions, firefighting and emergency life-saving equipment, controls and hazards. FEATURES: 1)size:1.24*45.7m 2)Feature:Weather resistance,Waterproof,High visibility 3)Color:Weather resistance,Waterproof,High visibility 4)Applicaion:Safety guiding,place name signs,traffic signs,mine,fire frightin
  • RT7500 PVC Type Digital Solvent Printing Prismatic Reflective Film
    Mar 20, 2021 RT7500 PVC Type Digital Solvent Printing Prismatic Reflective Film
    RT7500 PVC Type Digital Solvent Printing Prismatic Reflective Film RT7500 Prismatic reflective PVC sheeting which is a kind of new material launched by REFLECTOP company which combinesa micro prismatic lens layer and a durable and flexible vinyl fabric or a PVC layer using our proprietary fusion technology.It is specially designed for temporary traffic control and warning sign,word zone sign,traffic cones collar,Advertising etc,as well as  vehicle conspicutity tapes and graphcs,it was widely use in adertisment for digital printing,outdoor printer and solvent or eco-solvent are accept. FEATURES: 1)High visibility,Micro Prismatic structure 2)Roll size:1.35m*50m 3)Backing:PSA 4)Durability:24 months outdoor for white color 5)Surface pattern:Avery pattern 6)Available color:White,Yellow 7)Processing:cutting,screen-printing,digital printing,solvent printing 8)Application:Traffic cone colla,Advertising banner,temporary traffic signs,work zone signs,warning signs
  • Acrylic Type Engineer Grade Glass Bead Reflective Tape
    Mar 18, 2021 Acrylic Type Engineer Grade Glass Bead Reflective Tape
    Acrylic Type Engineer Grade Glass Bead Reflective Tape Commercial reflective sheeting which is a kind of new material launched by REFLECTOP company which combines a micro glass bead lens layer and a durable and flexible vinyl using our proprietary fusion technology.It is specially designed for temporary traffice control and warning sign,word zone sign,traffice cones collar,advertising,Solas tape etc as well as vehicle conspicuity tapse and graphics Features: 1)High visibility,Micro Class Bead 2)Roll size:1.22m*45.7m,can be cut to small size like 5cm,10cm 3)Backing:PSA 4)Durability:7 years outdoor for white color 5)Surface pattern:Plain 6)Available colors:White/Red/Yellow/Blue/Green Yellow/Black White/Red 7)Processing:Silk Screen printing 8)Application:Advertising banner,temporary traffic signs,work zone signs,waring signs,traffic cone collar etc
  • RTLITE Prismatic Reflective Tape (Metallized Type)
    May 09, 2020 RTLITE Prismatic Reflective Tape (Metallized Type)
    RTLITE RT-V104 PET-M1 Metallized prismatic retro reflective tape. High performance, 5 year warranty, weather resistant, Stronger adhesive . The ultra visibility both day and night. RT-V104 PET-M1 is made in one layer making it the lowest profile tape on the market. .  Used to mark loading dock areas,trailer,bollards, poles, gates, barricades, tractor trailers, police cars, emergency vehicles, school buses, etc... Light is reflected via micro prisms making the metallized tape ultra Visible.  Visible thousands of feet away versus hundreds for standard reflective tape. Simple peel and stick application.  Available in yellow ,red ,whhite,  2"widths in 50m length rolls.
  • Is it safe to  receive a letter or a package from China?
    Feb 15, 2020 Is it safe to receive a letter or a package from China?
    Q:Is it safe to receive a letter or a package from China? A:Yes, it is safe.    People receiving packages from China are not at risk of contracting the new coronavirus"                                                                                                                                           --By WHO  From Previous analysis, we know coronaviruses do not survive long on objects, such as letter of package.   Chinese Goverment is actively taking many measures to dealy with it ! Other Cities have little impact, i believe it will be restored soon. Xiamen ReflecTop Reflective Material Co.,ltd Which was professional manufacture of the Reflective material ,reflective sheeting in China, soon will be open the factory and start to work, ReflecTop On Way , Security Your Way!
  • EC104R Conspicuity Marking Tape
    Oct 17, 2019 EC104R Conspicuity Marking Tape
    ECE 104R Vehicle Conspicuity Marking tape is a regulation that establishes guidelines for the use of reflective safety markings on the rear and sides of heavy goods vehicles operating throughout Europe! Size : 5cm x45.7m   Sealed Edge Technology , Waterproof, High Visibility!
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