Engineer Grade Prismatic (EGP)Reflective Sheeting For Road Sign

RT3450 Engineer Grade Prismatic Reflective sheeting for road signs


Application: Temporary work zone sign,temporary traffic sign,road sign etc traffic facility

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Engineer Grade Prismatic (EGP)Reflective Sheeting For Road Sign

1.High Visibility ,waterproof performance
2.Premium quality microprismatic reflective performance
3.Field proven durability on safety devices worldwide

4.Uniform daytime and night-time visual appearance

5.High visibility Engineer Grade Prismatic (EGP)Reflective Sheeting For Road Sign

Available in the following colors.:White,green,yellow,red,blue,orange etc


  • 1.Smooth
  • 2.Clean
  • 3.Rigid
  • 4.Flat
  • 5.Dimensionally stable
  • 6.Weather resistant

  • 7.Non-porous

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High visibility reflective vinyl rolls




Engineer Grade Prismatic (EGP)Reflective Sheeting For Road Sign

Item No. RT-3450
Material Acrylic (PMMA)
Color white/Yellow/Red/Orange/Blue/Green
Adhesive Type Pressure-sensitive
Release liner Yes
Standard Size 1.22m *45.7m 
Construction Micro-prismatic 
Certifications and Specifications‎ ASTM Type II
Durability‎ 5-7 years
Performance Level Engineer  Grade Prismatic
Application ‎ Guide signs ‎ Rural roads ‎ Traffic control devices ‎ Urban roads
Vehicles Body Sticker
Substrates Aluminum

Packing Details:

 1.22m*45.7m  35kgs/roll  36kgs/carton  1.33m*0.20m*0.20m  400 cartons

  Engineer Grade Prismatic Reflective film

Reflectivity :

  White      Yellow     Red       Blue    Green    Fluorescent 
 Angle of Incidence 0.2° Angle of Reflection -4°  200  100  50  10  40  

Reflective film for taffic road sign

Engineer Grade Prismatic (EGP)Reflective Sheeting For Road Sign

1.Temporary Signage / Signmaking
2.Temporary Traffic Signs
3.Temporary Work Zone Markings
4.Traffic cone , delineator etc

 reflective sheeting for road signs

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